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ASTARCLOX is a broad spectrum antibiotic formulation of Ampicillin and penicillinase stable Cloxacillin, ASTARCLOX exhibits bacterial activity against a wide range of gram-positive organisim such as Staphylococcl (including penicillinase producing strains). Streptococci, Pneumoniae, Clostridia, B. anthrax and most strains of Enterococcus, and gram-negative organism such as H. Influenza. Brucelia melitanis, Brucella abortus, Proteus mirabilis, Salmonella, E. coll and Neisseria species

Respiratory tract infections, Ear, Nose and Throat infections. Urinary tract infection, Enteric Fever (Typhoid Fever), Skin and soft tissue infections and other bacterial infections susceptible to Amoxycillin.

Dosage Form:

Dosage and Administration:
ADULTS: 1 Capsule every 6hours or as directed by the physician